Real Grass for your Easter or Spring Basket

DCP_2061_2Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. Why not use “real” grass instead of using plastic shredded grass for your decorations?  It’s not too late. Even if you have less than a week, here are directions with photographs showing examples of our family’s table decorations for Easter in years past.

Containers? Look through your cupboards, shelves and closets to find something interesting. In addition to a basket lined with a plastic container, consider using a tray, unused soup tureen, a glass punch bowl or maybe some special family treasure. One picture below shows an aluminum pie plate.

Easter BasketDirections: Purchase a couple of handfuls of  wheatberry seeds from a natural food grocer or store which carries bulk items of nuts, granola, seeds, etc. Sometimes they may be called ‘winterberry’ seeds.  If you’re near a garden center or feed store, you might also look for an item called “cat grass” – special green grass for felines.  I haven’t used leftover grass seed  from our garage, but that might work, too.

1. Soak the seeds in water, preferably overnight. If you don’t have as much time, then at least for several hours.

2. Choose your container for your table decoration: basket, tray, basket. I’ve used a cut glass bunch bowl, a pitted silver soup tureen, and assorted baskets.

3. If you use a basket, try to find a plastic container which will fit.  Or just line the inside of the basket with plastic wrap and then with aluminum foil to contain the soil.

4. Add a layer of soil obtained from your garden or from a bag of potting soil. Use anywhere from 1/2″ to a couple of inches, depending on the depth of the container.

5. Sprinkle water on the soil to moisten.

6. Drain the soaked seeds and spread them in an even layer across the top of the soil, covering with plastic wrap to  hold in the moisture.

Spread grains evenly on the topsoil

7. Cover the container with a dark cloth or aluminum foil and set it aside. I usually put it into a dark corner. Overnight the roots will start sprouting.

8. Bring the container into the light and remove the plastic film wrap. Make sure you spray the seeds often during the day with a mister. The sprouts will be white at first and then they’ll turn green. You may place it in a sunny window if you need to speed up the growing time.

I like the natural look of the grass and don’t like to clip the height with scissors. If it’s growing too fast, just place your container in a darker room to slow the growth.



When you’re ready to use it for your table, decorate with colored eggs, foil-covered chocolate eggs, crocus, twigs of forsythia or hyacinth for flowers, miniature sheep, bunnies, or whatever your family might enjoy. Click on any of the photos to see larger view.






Easter grass - 2 - Version 2

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