The Jewish Calendar of Art 2017 / 5777


The Jewish Calendar of Art 2017 / 5777

Starting with three Jewish holidays in October, follow the year through December, 2017 /5778.


In 2016, Michaelmas Press had an exclusive arrangement with the artist to offer you a rich and colorful wall calendar. Beginning with three Jewish holidays in October, 2016— one could follow the year through December, 2017/5778.  

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE NEXT CALENDAR, PLEASE LET US KMOW through the Comments Section or email at:

You don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy using this calendar as it includes major secular holidays/dates. Order one for your family or a gift to a church or synagogue.
WALDORF GRADE 3: Enhances the curriculum as you retell the Old Testament stories (Torah)  and share the history, culture, and literature of the Hebrew civilization.
Includes captions on each image, candle-lighting times for New York City, Jewish holidays, the weekly Torah portion in Hebrew and English, and major secular holidays. The calendar covers the Jewish year 5777 (October 2016 through December 2017 (5778).

Printed on high-qualtiy semi-gloss paper, the calendar features 15 paintings inspired by Jewish holidays, the Torah, and visits to Israel. Paintings are by D. Yael Bernhardt, the illustrator for Make Way for Reading”Great Books for Kindergarten Through Grade 8.

Volume discounts, call 1.388.7066.


11″ x 8.5″ x .01″ wall calendar 1st calendar, free shipping U.S. only. VOLUME DISCOUNTS for 3 or more, phone 1.978-388.7066.