Celebrating Whittier: America’s 1907 Centennial


Celebrating Whittier: America's 1907 Centennial


Have you been following some of the unsung heroes of the Abolition Movement?  Learn more about Whittier with this book.

Celebrating Whittier makes available Whittier materials that were previously accessible only to the few. Centering her research on the Whittier Centennial of 1907, Fenner has gathered speeches, tributes, newspaper notices, photographs, and a plethora of other primary sources that demonstrate the poet’s status and influence in that earlier world. Her work affirms and emphasizes the center of Whittier’s calling: he served as the conscience of his nation regarding the horrific practice of slavery, and he did so at a time when conscience was that nation’s greatest need.

An invaluable resource for all New England libraries, students of Whittier, along with all scholars of nineteenth-century poetry and society.

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ISBN 9780964783225
7″ x 9″ x .5″ • 128 pages

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