Books for the Journey: Summary for Parents

Books for the Journey Provides Parents with a Tool to Help Their High-Schoolers Become Lifelong Lovers of Books

This new resource makes picking the right books a snap!

A library or bookstore can be an intimidating experience for many teens. They might say to themselves, “So many books, how can I possibly choose? Where do I get started?” Now, nearly 1,500 of the best books have been selected by teachers, curriculum directors, librarians – with help from high school students themselves – and compiled in one easy-to-use resource, Books for the Journey: A Guide to the World of Reading.

From Leonardo DaVinci’s notebooks to modern writers like Alice Hoffman, Books for the Journey includes hundreds of titles that spark imagination, introspection and idealism. It represents dozens of cultures, and includes both classics and lesser known, but equally worthwhile books.

Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate 2001-2003, comments about Books for the Journey, “This is a book full of books — the only guide to reading you will ever need.”

Published by Michaelmas Press, publisher of award-winning parenting and education books, the books covered in Books for the Journey are organized by category, marked for appropriate high school grade levels, and include a descriptive paragraph of each book. A section at the end of Books for the Journey lists graduating seniors’ own favorites from childhood through high school.

Not only covering fiction, this guide also includes science, history, biography, poetry, and many other areas. Books for the Journey covers books from many cultures and provides from two to six lines of description for each book, noting points of debate or special interest.

Other useful features include a brief “road map” essay at the beginning of each section, putting the works in an overall context, a complete index of authors and titles, and a wonderful opening poem by U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins, which sets the stage for a love of books.

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