About Us

Since 1990, Michaelmas Press has occupied a special spot in the small, specialty publishing niche. Focusing on content that matters to Waldorf educators, parents, history and cultural buffs, founder Pamela Johnson Fenner has put the Michaelmas Press stamp on a variety of books and booklets which have received local and international acclaim and kudos from both professionals and individuals.

Drawing upon her personal and professional experience — as a teacher, parent, editor and author – – Fenner combines her own writing with that of hand-selected experts to offer readers a delightful assortment of material that informs, stimulates, challenges, and enriches.

At a time when publishing seems to be dominated by blockbuster titles and celebrity authors, Michaelmas Press maintains a steady course and a refreshing body of work.  Welcome to our world!  To discover how Michaelmas Press began, read “Our Story.”