One Family’s Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath-Week 2

Although my children are adults and out in the world, I’ve continued our family observance of an Advent wreath in December. Some years I have used four candlesticks and other years I’ve used a ring—a circular base with four built-in holders for the candles.

My latest Advent wreath is a blue ceramic ring. Since it can hold water, I use it during other seasons with flowers and greens from my gardens. This December I have placed it in my kitchen window so I can look at it when I prepare meals. I light it when I’m fixing dinner. On Christmas Eve I will transfer it to our dining room table. Click on the photograph to the left if you’d like to see an enlarged view.

I use three purple candles and one pink, as observed in our church’s Advent wreath. In addition, I enhance the wreath following customs from our daughter’s Waldorf classroom years ago. In her classroom, at the beginning of each week items were added which celebrated our natural world:

Week 1 – Mineral Kingdom

Week 2 – Plant Kingdom

Week 3 – Animal Kingdom

Week 4 – Mankind

After lighting the appropriate number of candles, the first week I added stones, shells, an animal bone, and minerals. This 2nd week I’ve already added holly and greens from our gardens. Next week I will include small wooden animals, particularly sheep and a camel from my creche scenery. Wooden figures representing human beings will be added the final week. I usually use my creche figures representing Joseph, Mary, and a shepherd.  I keep the scene for Christmas Day and add  a white candle in the center and my small manger with the tiny baby.

Over the years, I’ve passed these ideas on to family, friends and neighbors. Let me know how YOU celebrate Advent—and send me photos, too. This photo only shows our wreath at Week 2.


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