Reviews for New Reading List

Testimonial from Lynn Thurrell, Merriconeag Waldorf School

“I think the book is so helpful to parents who are wondering what to choose for their children out of the plethora of unknowns that they face on library shelves and in bookstores.  It is hard to keep up, but with such solid and well informed selections as they are to find in “Make Way for Reading” suddenly the maze is reduced to a more recognizable form.  Thank you for all of your work.  I shall recommend your book to our parents through our ‘Tuesday News’ as well as in person.”


Little Homeschool Blessings

I’ve just discovered another interesting educational blog—this one from a homeschooling mom named Bethany.  We’re delighted she recently posted a blog about our new Make Way for Reading: Great Books for Kindergarten Through Grade 8 on her homeschooling site and you can read it by clicking here.


By Barbara S. Dewey “Waldorf Without Walls” 

“Make Way for Reading: Great Books for Kindergarten Through Grade 8  contains reviews and descriptions for literally all suitable books for children of various ages up through grade 8. It is indexed by subject, special subject, author, title, Waldorf School Main lessons, anthologies and collections, series and sequels, and illustrators.

There is a chapter on appropriate fairy tales for various ages, one on celebrations, games, music, crafts and other activities, mythology, legends and folklore, and biographies.

Best of all, it contains a chapter called, “There’s more to reading than meets the eye,” in which Barbara Sokolov explains how real reading involves a well developed imagination, as well as an appreciation for living speech, both skills that are only obtained through play and hearing stories and poems, told and read in childhood. If these skills have not been developed in early childhood, reading is purely mechanical and little or no comprehension takes place.

This is a book that every teacher, parent, and grandparent should have!”

To know more about Barbara Dewey’s work, click here. 

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