Long Live the Bookstore

In addition to my work as a publisher, I’ve also been active on the Board of Directors of Independent Book Publishers of New England, IPNE.  Founded in 2000, IPNE is an association for authors, publishers, and those who are affiliated with the book publishing industry.

Our 2nd Annual New England Publishing Conference this past weekend brought together speakers and attendees from all over New England to learn the latest information and tips about Book Marketing, Publicity, Production, Distribution, Digital Publishing, Video Book Trailers & YouTube, Rights, Finances, Planning and to meet our Exhibitor Sponsors who provide services to our industry. To learn more, click here.

Soon I will be exploring converting one or more of my titles into ebook formats, writing more regularly in this column, establishing more social networking venues, and meeting more authors and publishers at our Greater-Boston/Cambridge IPNE branch meetings in Arlington, MA. Here’s the “Picture of the Day”  from the online eNewsletter of Publishers Weekly April 30th.

Picture of the Day

Chris Morrow, general manager of Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Center, Vt., and Pamela Fenner, president of the Independent Publishers of New England Board of Directors, take a break at the IPNE conference on Saturday in Boxborough, Mass. Morrow delivered the keynote address on “The Bookstore is Dead, Long Live the Bookstore.”  In it he spoke about industry changes such as 37% of his sales in 2011 were from non-book. He also talked about new programs his store is testing as part of the American Booksellers Association’s search for a new model, including co-pp from two of the big six that are being given as quarterly credits based on the previous year’s performance.”


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