Book Presentation at Whittier Home

I gave a presentation at the spring meeting of the Whittier Home Association, Amesbury, MA. This organization was founded in 1898 by a group of women whose mission was to maintain the home and preserve the legacy of the Quaker, poet, and abolistionist, John Greenleaf Whittier.

It is a very active organization—still only women—and it maintain the historic house museum, host events, and gives tours. It was here that Whittier led his fight against slavery and wrote his most famous work, Snowbound. I’ve been a member of the WHA since 1995. During the 2007 Bicentennial of Whittier’s birth, I researched and produced a book on the Whittier centennial of 1907.

The WHA had invited me to speak years ago when I was age 19 and 20. At that time, the WHA had monthly meetings. One talk was about my trip to sub-Sahara Africa and another about my volunteer lab job working with mice at a cancer research center in Rye, NY for Sloan Kettering.

For this year’s presentation, I traced my 21-year journey in book publishing and described some of the innovations in publishing today.  More information on JGW can be found at the Whittier Home Association’s website: It was fun to show them samples of my books, including the four foreign translations of Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, my parenting title, and my new reading list Make Way for Reading.




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