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One of the highlights of attending a conference for Waldorf teachers is the participating in the artistic/practical workshops. Usually there are so many offerings that it’s difficult to choose. This year was no exception at the 2012 Western Waldorf Educators’ Conference, ” A New Inspiration for Education,” held at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. The choices included: Drawing, Painting, Blacksmithing, Beekeeping, Hatmaking with rafia, Food for the future, Soap-making, Basket-making, Singing, Movement and games, Felt making, working with a pole lathe and others.

Felt making

When I attended a teacher’s conference in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1998, I took a blacksmithing class, thinking it might be the only time I ever had a chance to do it. It was a cold week in March and most of the classes were held outdoors. I was the only woman in a class of five. We were bundled up in wool sweaters, hats and gloves. Most of us made small cheese knives and it was hard work learning how to forge.We rotated positions around the fire, and it was the only activity I knew where I could get warm. I still have fond memories of that class.

For this February conference, I signed up for the food preparation class and had fun making nut butters, almond milk, yogurt, cheese, kim chee, sauerkraut, and other treats. After three days of two sessions daily, each group set out their work for all of us to view and admire. Everything was so colorful. I was especially attracted to colored wool made into felted scenes or slippers. Maybe next time I’ll take the slipper class. Here are some photographs. I’m still learning how large to make these images on my blog. Click on any to see larger.

Samples from weaving class

Samples from the Blacksmith class

One of my classmates from the Food Preparation class

Scenes made by felting colored wool. Lovely pieces to hang in a family room or child's bedroom.

Products from the Pole Lathe class

Pole lathes set out at Rudolf Steiner College

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