What Others are Saying—

“…Books can have a powerful effect on the changing consciousness of the child, and serve as instruments initiating him or her into successive stages of life.…With this guide in hand, parents and teachers are given gentle and sensible advice on finding the best book for the right age. May this book of books stand as the guardian of the road that leads to reading adventures. “

—from the Foreword, Eugene Schwartz, Waldorf teacher, educational consultant and author of Millenial Child


“Ranging from The Lion and the Mouse  to Profiles in Courage this compendium of recommended titles throws open the doors of the library inviting every child to begin a lifetime of reading.”

——Billy Collins, Poet and U. S. Poet Laureate, 2001-2003


“Karen Latimer and Pamela Fenner of the Waldorf Schools provide an easy-to-use guide to the best books…with an indication of the grade level and a clear sense of content…making this book idea for teachers and homeschoolers.”

—Anita Silvey, Children’s literature authority and creator of Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac


“Looking for an essential companion for a creative and imaginative childhood? These are the books that feed the soul of a child and create a life-long love of reading.”

David Kennedy, former teacher and editor/publisher of The Waldorf Book of Poetry, waldorftoday.com



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