Winter at Michaelmas Press

It’s January and outside my office here in New England, there is 19” of snow and it’s looking very wintry. As we finish the redesign of the Michaelmas Press web site with Watershed Online Media, I feel as if I’m coming out of hibernation from several months of researching, writing, and editing. We’re still making adjustments, adding links, etc. in these opening weeks. To see the web site go “live” is exciting.

We’ve added all sorts of features. To find out what’s new, go to the Home Page, find “From our Newsroom” box and click on “A New Chapter for Michaelmas Press.” It’s all there. Curious as to the origins of Michaelmas Press, check out “Our Story” in “About Us.” We love to hear from our visitors and customers—just go to Contact Us.

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